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    Quote Originally Posted by Metalmonkey View Post
    On the test ride for the DOUBLE CYLINDER Rx3s

    This link works on a phone. Haven't tested on a laptop.
    Here's the Chinglish version:


    Dan K.
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    Lol where did they hide that second cylinder?
    or should I look closer !
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    I need to write a bit about the ride of the bikes, or at least the RX3s. The marketing guy said this bike was aimed at the people getting into off road and ADV riding here in the domestic market. It has a low seat- great for the Chinese market and I can compare this to the X5 and X2 which I've ridden over days. Both these bikes are heavily off-road biased andhense have the tall seat height.

    The RX3s is probably more road oriented, but the low seat means you are sat "in" the bike rather than on top so much. If you do some offroad on a trip, the lower centre of gravity is quite confidence inspiring. We took he bikes into the surf, along the beach and into the hills on some (limited) stretches of rocky and steep conditions. Standing up is pretty comfortable and the bike is quite easy to control in this position, although my fellow French rider said he bottomed out the suspension..again more road biased.
    Don't know about you guys ( there are some hard-core off road fanatics amongst you , but..) I've found that in China long trips involve A LOT of road and a LITTLE dirt, so well suited for adventures in travel where going into the wild is not the basis of your ride.

    I really like the X5 and may even get one in future. We actually saw one without luggage at the biker meet we took the cyclones to in Jiangmen and it's a pretty different bike to these. The weight is also lower at 150 (ish) kg. I've got to say though comfort on the RX3s was pretty good, wide squishy and set back seat (the X5 gave me numb bum more than once whereasd the Rx3s didn't once in 6-7 days)... I only found on a couple of days after 1-2 hours in the saddle pretty bad pain in my knes. I'm 178-180 and maybe because of the lower seat, the pegs have come up if compaiured with the higher more off-road bikes.

    I mentioned before that the RX3s cruises at highway speeds comfortably. !20-130 is really comfortable) aking my X2 over 100 get vibey and sketchy..with a max speed (for me ) of 117km so far..The acceleration is okay on the RX3s and the best thing is the long fifth gear and the fact it has six gears-- always more on top for overtaking and maneauvres on the highway. Very little vibration in bars etc. It's a counterbalanced engine (correct me if I'm wrong).

    So I'm writing this up as, after a week back at work I'm missing the bike and also the team (they are still on their way West towards Chongqing.. and will complete the trip in less than a week's time.)

    Re the RX4 that you all are interested in, perhaps the top end power runs out.. the Rx3s seemed to always have more available (just in comparison with the RX4)
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