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  1. #1 any1 here have a Semi auto/Automatic 1speed engine ? kids ATV ,pitbike 
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    Nov 2017
    europe, Finland, arctic circle
    hi !

    Looking for INFO, hopefully this forums Section isnt dead:

    EDIT: ive come to conclusion that Semi automatic might have maybe just maybe diff measures, Hence priority is on Automatic 1-speed version engine....

    as per Title, has anybody here got a Semi auto/Automatic 1-speed or 3-speed engine ? china made so called "honda monkey type" engine's..

    from either in a kids ATV or at a some kids pitbikes....49cc 73cc 90cc category commonly. also on some 107cc and 125cc engine's that are same Automatic 1-speed.

    even a spares joblot dismantled engine will DO as a source of info im looking for.... if lucky, some1 has spare clutch cover casing already separately and parts at it in place, so it would be very easy...

    for example, 1-speed Automatic engines are usually on Youth/kids ATV's, like for example on Kazuma meerkat-50cc, etc brands and its Clones, not juts kazuma alone !

    im looking for a measurement info for Clutch "pushrod" and adjuster parts, so that i could re-produce them locally by lathe.

    like so engine of this type, if identifying only externally.. you can see the Clutch M8 nut and Adjuster rod externally:

    Measurement info for this "adjuster rod" part that is with M8 size nut on the Clutch cover casing, as above:

    i cant get them parts ordered as OEM, not available in my country. and my freeby salvaged project engine is missing them parts. Not either Economical to order overseas import as new parts.

    i only have sample photos of them parts but no Measures.

    in total im missing 2 vital parts of the adjuster assembly. i have sample videos from youtube and some more photos from web. so i have info to show.

    it would be fantastic if someone would have these parts and able to help.

    im willing to pay little fee for help, if its needed.

    ive now spend 1,5years waiting for a engine to turn up on Bike Breaker yard 300km away from my home, to take Measurment data from, but no luck yet, not a single engine or remains...
    so im getting desperate. i live in a arctic cirle backforests about no where, very little population and machines around, no help.

    any China made (as titled) engine is ok for this info as a source. no matter what manufac/brand. they all should be accurate clones...

    i have 1-month left before Xmas closed-up/holiday, to Produce them parts at my ex-machinist school. after that its Jan 2018-> next opportunity to get onto waiting list...

    please, send me a private message if you can help, so that i get e-mail notification. i dont use this forum regulary ! so any reply posts on this topic might get missed out...

    i hobby various Chinese made mopeds scooters atv's etc small engine's. i have many projects, and This piticular 1speed automatic motor is in Desperate need of a Help, as per Titled.
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