Hi I have 1p54fmi. No spark problem.

Checked the resistance of primary side of ignition coil its 0.6ohm. Secondary coil resistance is 4.7k ohm.

Stator high tension coil resistance is 425ohm. And when I connect the red/black wire from stator to the case and kick I get a spark which is not as strong as one would get from the secondary side of the ignition coil. But I suspect that a spark from the ac charging wire to cdi means high tension coil is ok? Resistance of the pulsar coil is 135ohm.

I have a spare cdi from cg125 and that has two connectors (one 4pin second 2 pin). Whereas my stock cdi is 6 single pin ( actually 5 pin as the place for 6th pin is empty).
So I cut wires and found an adapter for the 2pin cdi and wired it according to color code. And tried that cdi too but no spark.

What does above mean? What is good what is faulty?


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