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  1. #1 New XP200 owner needs help. 
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    First, thanks to all the contributors and the information that you share with everyone. I really appreciate having a knowledge base to tap into.

    I just purchased a 2008 Qlink XP200 with 548 miles on it. It has been in storage for several years (with fluids and battery removed). Fluids and battery were added and it fired right up.
    Anyway, the bike was parked in front of a window which did some serious UV damage to the coating on the front brake line and now the clear coating will just crumble in your hand.
    So, I need a new brake line and QLink doesn't list one for sale on their parts website. I can order generic ones from eBay that are the correct length, but the banjo fittings are different. The stock one has a 90 elbow on the master cylinder side and a long "J" fitting on the caliper end.

    I found one complete setup on AliExpress ( for $98.58 but that is waayyyyy more than I want to pay.

    Does anyone have any idea where I could find the correct brake line.

    Thanks in advance.
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