Hi there - first I apologise for having posted this twice but I'm completely new on this forum and couldn't find a new post/thread link before this :( So I'm wondering if someone could give me some advice : I'm a complete newbie with the bikes and still trying to get my dammed licence here in Shanghai !(I just wrote about my experience on the thread regarding the licence in Shanghai). However I am staying positive and hoping to ride to Tibet around Sept 2018. I therefore will be looking to buy a bike (Dual Sports.. ?) fairly soon and do LOTS of trips and practice before my big trip. I would therefore appreciate it if anyone can give me their thoughts on the Suzuki Vstrom 650, KTM 690 and the SWM RS650r ? It seems there is a big price difference between the KTM690 and the SWM RS650r with the Suzuki coming in somewhere in between the 2. As a complete novice I would love to get the thoughts of anyone with experience and knowledge of these bikes and where to buy or try them with a view to riding in Tibet and doing lots of runs such as Shanghai - Huangshan etc. Many thanks - Richard