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2nd set............1st set in when it was new..........2nd set replaced under warranty..........I hope it can be cured, cos I don't fancy paying 72 for 2 caged roller bearings, when a taper roller bearing set for most other bikes are onkyv 27 on E, Bay
My advise reg. checking head bearings:
Take two guys. Put the bike on a stand so that the front wheel us free. Now one guy hold the bike for safety. The 2nd pull away and push the fork legs to the engine.
If the is no play good. Now do the same thing along the steering head centre line.
No play -> very good
Finally turn the handle to both limits. Eay tutning and No grinding sound or feeling like sand or metal chips , great!
With this three direction found for good you can say its definetly not your head bearings.
Also check the greasing situation if possible.
One of the most comic thing is that people over thighten the head bearings. When they are new you nearly can't feel it, but soon they start grinding.
So better do it gentle, take a longer ride as mentioned above, and recheck afterwards with my described method.

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