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  1. #1 Sinnis Apache 125 NEED A BIGBORE 
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    Hello Guys! I own a German Sinnis Apache 125, a SFM Sachs ZZ 125... is there a bigger bigborekit than the 150? im not afraid to split the case... i just want to go "crazy" since the sinnis has a bad reputation in Germany due to low power and poor reliability, and i want to prove them that they are wrong! Is there a way to get more than 15hp out of it? It doenst needs to be legal.

    My Sinnis already has well over 50k km on it too, i use it for touring and i love it.IMG_20171208_175559_438.jpg
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  2. #2 Re: Sinnis Apache 125 NEED A BIGBORE 
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    There's 65.5mm kit in 'net. Quality varies btw seller cuz it's not as open source readily made 62mm kit
    This machinist had made some solution
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  3. #3 Re: Sinnis Apache 125 NEED A BIGBORE 
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    I know you wanted bigger than 150, but 150 is good on a bike this size for torque and rideability

    I have modified a SFM125 Roadster with the same K157FMI engineer, there is also a link to the place to buy the kit - this s a 124cc labelled big fin for cooling. I have done 14,000KM on it and it is good. Key points..
    You will need to find an agent to ship the item below but it is worth it!!1

    1. You can do it in a day - this is a straight swap
    2. Torque wrench required !!!
    3. Upjet to 115 worked for me
    4. Do not take all of the camshaft cover bolts off - 2 are for the rockers!
    5. If you drop the cam chain into the crankcase-this is easily retrieved with a tent peg - it is the camshaft c-ring you should watch
    6.Exhaust bolts - change for M8 and use two nuts on each for ease
    7.Donít forget to take the emissions connector off the barrel - it is two M6 bolts
    8.The camshaft tensioner should be removed -easy to reset the spring. -on the barrel
    9. Get 4 new Head bolts from CMPO (UK) as a precaution
    10. Get 4 new M8 nuts - 2 domed and two serrated flange for the head
    11. Remember to reconnect the Emissions pipe to your carb (comes from the vacuum unit near the front)
    12. Go for a 1:3 gearing ratio - eg 15 teeth front 45 back. This will rev out lower but given more torque and will hit 110KMH
    I also own a SFMZZ125 , I havenít modified it yet, but is slightly easier due to clearance.
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  4. #4 Re: Sinnis Apache 125 NEED A BIGBORE 
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    Quote Originally Posted by dscheoff View Post
    That seller seems the 1st made these kit available in chinese 'net. is ~40% off the above...
    Better rings ie. The good old [1.2/1.2/2.5] CG150 (those 1.0/ 0.8 is for newer genration piston)
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