Hey sorry if in the wrong section/ this seems like a good place to put it?

I own a 125 sinnis Blade which is resold under many names, I believe the proper model name by the company who sells the OEM bike is QM125GY-2B(BSD), I see on their site and on this site its possible to buy a 250 version, however sinnis stopped doing 250 bikes a while ago, I have tried to contact Jinan Qingqi which I know is the company sinnis get everything from, but I have never gotten a reply email. I saw on their site that the 250 is called QM250GY-B(BSD), now I think I am correct in saying I would also need a new carb, and perhaps some new exhaust but could anyone point me in the direction of getting hold of the 250CC engine and parts? or a 250+ engine which will fit my frame. I have a full bike licence and my road bike is a Triumph Tiger 900, but this is my toy for off road. I DID have a DR 650 but it blew up :(.

Sorry if this is the totally wrong place to ask, thought I would try my luck.

I just need a bit more power on long distance motorways and stuff.
Also I know that the bike engine is the EXACT same as a Sinnis Apache 125, so the 250 apache would fit and work, its just getting hold of it.