i finally started riding my bike. as it was laying in the garage during winter, i was not able to update you guys.

since it's my first bike I cannot compare the performance with the other bikes. i can just say i enjoy riding it a lot. acceleration is good. gear shifting is easy and smooth. tyres that came with the bike is okay on the street but there should be a lot better options on dirt. my inexperience might be the reason for some of it for sure. just learning :)

i didn't even have any modification on it. I'll start with handguards, a new chain, stronger horn and led lights if needed. pegs don't feel safe by the way, planning to replace with a pair of cnc ones. some of them are ordered already. still cannot find a compatible rear rack for it. loboo's bag is not bad for now. I'm not planning any long distance ride anyway.

as i ride alone, I'm not on the pictures. next time, i may need to bring my tripod or a friend if i am lucky enough. just wanted to show you the beauty for now :)

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