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  1. #1 new mash 600 x ride prototype 

  2. #2 Re: new mash 600 x ride prototype 
    C-Moto Guru
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    Dec 2016
    Looks like a scrambler. Any details? WHo is the Chinese producer? Mash sold bikes by Shineray among others before.
    Will it be available in China? The link goes to their facebook page with teaser pictures but no specifications.

    Would that my French were better.

    Nice looking bike. like the gold rims. Looks like the Ducati Desert sled in a way.

    Who sells all these Shineray bikes in Britain? WK, right?
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  3. #3 Re: new mash 600 x ride prototype 
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    Nov 2015
    Wolverhampton, UK

    Bit like you in that respect, my french is no good. Shineray bikes, are for the most part sold by Mash in the UK. I'm not overly smitten by the scrambler, however, if they produce a Roadstar version as a 650 (say an XY650), that could be interesting, and it would be a direct competitor for the new Royal Enfield 650's.. Definitely something to keep an eye on.

    I've had my XY400 now for nearly 3 years, and it's been a great little bike, survived 3 uk winters, with little sign of corrosion, and it has been totally reliable, aside from needing a better battery.
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