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  1. #1 Riding through tolls and on highways 
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    Locals fighting the good fight... don't know if it will change anything. But I glad its happening.

    Maybe seen it before, but haven't seen it posted.
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  2. #2 Re: Riding through tolls and on highways 
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    Yes, great video and these guys are stopped coming off the toll road?

    We all know that the Government Chinese law states motorbike are allowed on the Toll road?

    The presenter at the end starts talking about why the police stop Motorbike on the Toll road?

    With the policeman saying "it's not safe for Motorbike to ride on the Toll roads?"

    I for one IS MORE safer riding on the toll road anytime.

    With no farmers, no Ebikes, and all people travelling in the same direction does help hehe
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