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  1. #11 Re: need advice for a good hospital specialized at orthopedics and surgery in china 
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    HI there OP. Sorry for taking awhile to reply to your post. As Prince666 replied above I'm not based in PRC much now and don't have much time to pursue my passion of all things moto. Your friend has likely stabilised and the situation become much clrearer in terms of inteventional medicine and surgical procedures needed to affect longer term outcomes (affecting prognosis).
    United Family Hospital has a number of hospitals situated throughout PRC. While Beijing United Family Hospital would be my recommendation there are other United Family facilities closer to your location e.g. Shanghai United Family, Guangzhou United Family et al. If your friend has medical insiurance above and beyond the simple compulsory medical/health insurance provided by some of the Ch!nese insurance companies then your friend might be served by a plethora of very able providers in a number of South East Asian countries; SIngapore, HK, Thailand e.g. BKK Hospital VVIP or VIP hospitals, or Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok along with numerous other hospitals.
    Hope all goes well...
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    Sorry for this terrible situation. Probably too late, but our company uses which are experts at this and very good. I don't know if they do one off situations, but I would recommend just calling and seeing cost and what they can do as this seems pretty serious.
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    @bikerdoc and @Hok;

    sorry for the delayed response. i did not notice your messages on time.

    thank you for your advices. his situation is much better now. we got many other opinion from different hospitals from around (quanzhou, xiamen, fuzhou) before making up our mind. there was no surgical operation needed as they said. operation would be risky and there was no curruption on look and functionality. they just fixed the nose without operation. he is still at home resting but much more stabil now. he will be under control with regular inspections for few more months.

    here he is posing with my new bike :)

    thanks for all your helps and advices. your suggestions are noted in case.

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