The news of the new CJ650 Sidecar first came out 2 years ago in 2016, every sidecar fans in China was looking forward to it, and in this January, the sidecar was finally published to.
After 3 months waiting, I got this bike at the beginning of April, and trailer it to register.

After the registration, I ride this sidecar for hundreds of kilometers, in the city and on the Highway. There's a picture of it at the suburbs of Beijing with my dad's JH600B-A, you can easily tell the difference of the dimension of them, the new CJ650 is wider and lower, and the Jialing looks much stronger and bigger.

We can see it more clearly when they are on the same trailer, although the new CJ650 is wider and the trailer can hardly load it but it looks much smaller than Jialing.

After several times of riding, the battery of it had run out, so I had to start it with my own Jialing bike.

So after hundreds of riding experience, I do can summary some advantages and disadvantages of this model.

First, there's still some small problems like some other Chinese bike, as far as I got, there's

The handlebars* cannot be locked, the nail cannot be inserted correctly, but the bike shop said it is the*assembly issue and can be easily fixed.
The oil indicator is not working properly and shows randomly.
The trunk is hard to close and the locker of it finally broke, I had to make one by my own.
Well, some of the problem I mentioned above may not be the common problem, but then I want to list some bad riding experience.

There's NO REVERSE GEAR!* Which makes you so hard to park in the city, and you will never want to park it on a down slope road if there's no ground ahead, it can be hardly pushed on a slope.
The turning radius is very large, honestly it cannot be a problem, but it has*NO REVERSE GEAR! If you want to make a U turn and can't finish it one-time, get off the bike and push it, great experience when there's a big traffic. If it equipped with a side-wheeling turning system like Jialing, it could be much better.
The*spring-seat chair is not very comfortable, shaking strongly when the suspension works. I'd rather like the normal seat.
The minimum*ground clearance is too short for a sidecar which makes it can't go off-road.
The braking system works well but when you make a panic breaking, the sidecar slides to the left, very serious.
The sidecar body is too small and too low, not very comfortable for a adult man to sit in it, only fit for women and chaildrens, and the suspension of the body is not working very well, it jolts strongly when the road is tough.
The quality of the engine is not so good that some of them will leak the engine oil or the coolant.
The gearbox is not designed for a sidecar, it's a copy of CF650NK Streetbike, what the factory does is to make a big chain wheel to gain more low torque. However that makes the 6 gears unnecessary, I ride it 10km/h on first gear, 20km/h on second gear and 60km/h on 6th gear, after 60km/h to more than 130km/h, 6th gear at all time. 4 gears is enough in this case just like the Jialing sidecar.
Still, there's some good points of it.

The power is pretty strong, the engine from CF MOTO is 52kw, 62Nm, much stronger than Jialing even Ural, it can easily get to the speed of 100km/h.
The combined breaking system works fine most time, where you press the brake pedal, the all 3 wheels will brake at the same time. However, in a panic breaking, it's not very*effective and the sidecar slides to the left.
It looks good.
After spending more than 64000 RMB on it, I still think that the Jialing JH600B-A sidecar is the best sidecar in China.

My JH600B-A

My CJ650