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  1. #1 CF MOTO 650NK in New Zealand 
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    May 2018
    New Zeland
    Hi all
    My name is Matthew and I live in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
    I am happily anticipating the arrival of my first Chinese motorcycle, a 2016 CF Moto 650NK in orange. I have brought the bike as deregistered by an insurance company due to a very slight bend in the forks, and scratches to one piece of the plastics and the exhaust and a broken foot peg. All very superficial. I plan to carry out as many modifications as possible and video it all and upload it to YouTube. Hopefully I will be able to draw on the knowledge of the other members of this forum and maybe able to help those coming after me with their mods.
    Im looking forward to trying such things as fitting an exhaust, bar end mirrors, Hydro Dipping the tank and plastics and anything else I can think of. 2 weeks to wait and then the journey begins.
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  2. #2 Re: CF MOTO 650NK in New Zealand 
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    Apr 2012
    china (Longkou), Hainan
    Hi and welcome to MCM

    Bad new not to many menbers on MCM ride the NK650, a new menber called "Gorka" has just taken delivery of a NK so maybe contact him?
    Here is a picture of most stuff avilabel for the NK from with in China.

    The most common bike for Chinese riders is the TR-G and then the MT.

    Great to have you onborad and hope to see some pictures of your new bike.
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    Jan 2016
    Changchun China
    I have a buddy here with the NK400 and I have 6 people in our motorcycle club with the NK650. All Chinese people. With the improvements CFMOTO has made over the last few years I expect to see a lot more people riding these bikes. My brother bought the little 125 and will graduate to a 400 eventually. I just took a road trip to start the season with a friend on the NK650 and had a chance to ride it for the first time. I enjoyed it, not as peppy as my duke but much much much more comfortable.
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