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  1. #1 New Benelli TRK502X with spoke wheels 
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    Feb 2016
    Few days ago Benelli released two interest models in local market: Leoncino Trail and Benelli TRK502X:

    Also Loncin's ADV bike DS8 is on its way to production:

    For some reasons I think that Loncin's DS8 could be better ADV bike, than CFMoto 650MT... but there's still hope CFMoto will release something more interesting than 650MT :)
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  2. #2 Re: New Benelli TRK502X with spoke wheels 
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    TRK502X yeah, saw that last year at the Motocycle show in Bangkok, so it's a model that was around a bit before that... Fugly IMO but seems to have gained a bit of a following particularly in TIC. Some of that though is because it carries the foreign badge... as has happened with some of the marques of other offerings made in Ch!na.
    Some Local CN riders bought previous 600cc Benelli models thinking they were buying a better brand only to find a number of issues... leaking fuel tanks, faulty fuel pumps inside fuel tanks, transmission issues etc.
    Loncin have been working on getting the BMW Rotax single cylinder 650 engine into something that can make an impact in the local domestic TIC market. The previous Loncin 650 inspired model didn't enjoy as greater success as anticipated...
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  3. #3 Re: New Benelli TRK502X with spoke wheels 
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    For some reasons I think that Loncin's DS8 could be better ADV bike, than CFMoto 650MT... but there's still hope CFMoto will release something more interesting than 650MT
    At the resents dealer open day for CFmoto, I had the opportunity to talk to the head of sales/marketing for the whole of China and I asked the same question?

    The MT just needs a set of 19/17 or 21/18 DID spoked wheels, a longer travel and better front shock, button to switch off the ABS at the back which the TR-G has already.
    Sub-guard, increase the tank size to say 20/22L.

    And there you have it a not bad ADV bike?

    He did say the 21/18 wheel setup would increase the seat height too much?

    It did get him thinking, so we will just have to wait and see.
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    Went to the dealer yesterday to change oil and they were unboxing the two new Benellies.
    I dint look much at the TRK as that bike to me is a joke. The Leoncino, on the other hand looked very nice. The wheels lifted it up a bit and there is a decent amoint of clearance. Still, the seat is low. All it needs is a good skid plate which is not available on taobao yet.
    I forgot to check wether these wheels are tubeless or not
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