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  1. #1 Re: 'Carb issues - HELP!!.. 
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    Hello anyone,
    Who has had this issue with 'Carb' on their scooter. It has done it 2wice now on my FMS 125cc scooter.
    The problem is issue with the Carb' it twice now the 'Float boat' in it keeps filling up to much (petrol) then thus either floods.. or when do start starts throw out Petrol out overflow pipe... thus petrol in tank does down quick when start riding.
    Anyone had this issue with Scooter..?? or give me idea how to solve it.
    When the scooter is idle/running normal the FMS scooter is fine...?
    Would replacing the who 'Carb' for new solve it?

    Any constructive idea would be great help to me as at min going through alot petrol because this issue...
    If can e-mail me if u think could idea solve problem this is my e-mail addy: brennan358 at

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    Sometimes the fuelcock diaphragm will wear out and allow fuel to flow to the carburetor when the unit is shut down, which will cause excess fuel to dump out the overflow tube. Replacing it could solve your issue.

    After your fuel reaches a certain level, it elevates the float and closes the needle valve though which the fuel flows. If something interferes with this, (sand or dirt in your fuel) the gas level will continue to rise and will overflow out of the overflow tube. It could also be an open float drain valve, wrong float height or your float needle is damaged. You could clean out or rebuild the carb. You could also just upgrade it.

    Hope this is helpful
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