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  1. #1 Lexmoto Adrenaline 125 
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    Hi guys im new to this group so bare with me if ive posted in the wrong place but im having an issue with my lex ad 125's clocks, my mileage/speed/lights(both sides)(clock lights went first, one side then the other) and my gear 5 led doesnt work but flickers now and again, ive checked the cables and wires and everything seems ok( to my lack of experience), the only part of my clocks that work is the rpm counter thats all, any advise would be appreciated, thanks
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    THe good old carb version?
    Stock backlight is incandescent light bulb & it will fail in the right moment. said 6* 12V 2W & said it's a T5 1.7W. I tried this b4: Nail clipper & forcing those leftover T10 LED (V-shaped pattern as works great ) into T5
    Gear indicator. U can play it around using dummy load to verify the display is in OK condition It's just a If it's engine side wiring problem. Leave just the "N" wiring & made some N indicator as old sckool bike... Change the whole thing is PiTA
    The wiring:
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