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  1. #1 2014 CF Moto 650NK still going strong!! 
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    I went MIA on here for a very long time lol. I guess life got in the way! Anyhow, I am still riding my 650nk and loving every moment on it. No issues mechanically over the last 2.5 years of ownership, however, the gauge cluster had to be replaced after moisture got in it. My odo reads right under 1000 km, but in reality the bike had about 4600 MILES before replacement. Other than this, the WERKS exhaust pipe splitting, and a couple batteries failing, the bike is amazing. So let's see yours! How many miles and/or years have you had your China Moto??

    2014 CF Moto 650nk
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  2. #2 Re: 2014 CF Moto 650NK still going strong!! 
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    Hi , here is mine after 25.000 km and nearly 3 years , so far a new battery , front and rear tires , new chain and instrument cluster replaced after it fogged inside and the rev counter needle fell off ( fixed under warranty ) , thats it .

    Like you I ride mine hard nearly every day and still love it !

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