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Thread: Gday from WA

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  1. #1 Gday from WA 
    C-Moto Noob
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    Aug 2018
    Medina, Western Australia
    Hi all,

    My names Stewie and I'm from Western Oz.

    Just acquired a 2015 650NKs and so far I'm loving the shit out of it!!

    So far I've upgraded the chain, levers, tires, mirrors and removed the LAMs restriction. I want to put on a fender eliminator and pod filters to finish it off.

    Anyway looking forward to chatting with you all and if you're in my area maybe catching up for a ride!

    TTFN 🤘
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    KING of MCM LOL prince666's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    china (Longkou), Hainan
    Hi Stewie

    Love the shit out of my 650MT as well, normally the CFmoto Chains are DID so should be good to go.
    After about 8 chains of the DID ones from Cfmoto, normally the last me about 20 to 25.000 KM.
    This time I pushed the boat out and went for a DID 520 ZVM-X type, which is about the best DID makes.

    did (2).jpg
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