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  1. #1 Chengdu- yushu, Qinghai 
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    Dec 2016
    Heh, haven't posted here in ages. Let's hope the pictures come out the right way up

    So, since last year, I've been planning to follow this route kangding in Sichuan to yushu in Qinghai... But start in chengdu. In May, I rode the bike from Shanghai part way to human them sent it by rail to chengdu.

    I had my first road crash on my first day out of chengdu. It was due to a blow out on the front tire.. The mechanic may have pinched the tube behind the rim lock when fixing a flat. Anyway, first night out, I slept in my tent by the edge of the Riyadh in a thunderstorm. Then spent a few days umming and ahhing about fixing the front tire definitively. I eventually went back to chengdu, bought an (overpriced) gravy dirty tube for the front, then fixed the Tue myself to be sure.

    Hers my "camp" near qionglai.


    Things get better after this (nod to China v s story, except my bike want totally smashed up)
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    Wow... this sounds interesting...
    Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist
    - Pablo Picasso
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