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  1. #1 Problem with CDI and Regulator/Rectifier of Yamaha Virago 250 
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    Oct 2018
    I'm just bought it yesterday, XV 250, i don't know how to wiring this CDI and Regulator/Rectifier, anyone can help me?
    The CDI from Langfang Kokusan: D125-LK47 839349 42 06
    It's not the original of XV250 so i don't know how to wiring this
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  2. #2 Re: Problem with CDI and Regulator/Rectifier of Yamaha Virago 250 
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    Forget those weirdo idea, get the proper XV250 gear & study the shop manual https://virago250street.files.wordpr...94-291-pgs.pdf ...
    D125-LK47 can be found in stock Piggao Fly125!!!
    Something as
    XV250 alternator's output is HUGE. From ur pic, that flimsy...
    Something as
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