I've thought for some time about getting a second bike in CHina. I'd use it as a"buddy bike". Specifically for riding with other China bikers who may not be situated close to mountains and other gorgeous scenery. More specifically, in Sichuan.

To be accountable to the community here, I should state my goal of getting another legally plated dirt bike stationed in Sichuan in 2019.

I wanted to offer other bikers the chance to have a ride as cool as this one. http://www.mychinamoto.com/forums/sh...-yushu-Qinghai

At first, it would just be like this... you pay for the petrol you used in the bike and if you break it, you fix it. Fair, I think.

I lived in Shanghai for three years and got into biking whilst living there. I was made aware of the dearth of opportunities in China just to go to a beautiful place (China has many, but they are sometimes remote from where most people choose to live) and pick up a bike to use/rent.

So, let me know what you think.

Could take people on say a three day loop of mountains from Chengu, or further afield... I'll serve as tour guide. let me know.I hope to be exploring the region more this year myself, so a riding partner for me, and a dirt cheap tour for you and no hassle shipping your bigger, more expensive bike across China. Also, if anyone is in Chengdu and knows of someone selling an X2 which is in good shape, also let me know. To save me from trawling second hand marketys or XianYU.