Hi everyone, new here and happy i found this forum as it seems there's no other place online where Chinese Motorcycles are discussed in great length without ridicule. Anyways, i'm paying off the Layaway balance for my Dongfang RTS 250 here in a couple of days and i have some concerns and questions.
I've come to understand that most people who buy this motorcycle do not receive an owners manual of any kind, or if they do it's usually not in English. I found a company called Venom Motorsports that sells this motorcycle under their own brand, and i found out that they have English copies of the manual, but when i asked for a digital copy of one, they refused to give it to me because i didn't buy the bike from them. So, my first question would be, does anyone know where i can track an English copy down?

Secondly, i've also come to understand that most of the time the CDI chips that come with these bikes usually don't work very well, don't work at all, or go bad somehow after a few times of riding. In the event that i'm faced with this issue, could anyone recommend me a CDI chip that works on this bike?

I've watched some review vids of this bike on YouTube, and one point a lot of the reviewers raise about this particular bike is that when you get it, make sure you tighten down any bolt, screw, or nut you can find and make sure to use Blue Loctite when doing so. Any major areas on the bike i should hit to ensure that everything stays tight?

Finally, i know that once i get the Bike it'll need an immediate Oil change. Does anyone know how many quarts this thing takes? and where i can locate the bolt thats used to seal the oil pan so i can drain it?

Thank you.

If anyone feels the need to offer additional advice about this motorcycle, please feel free. I'd definitely appreciate it.