Recently added a 2016 XF250 GS Snake Eyes to my stable.. Was actually assisting in purchasing a new work fleet vehicle and the lot had a 2-mile beauty for only $2000 (post-tax-fee-title).

Anyway, there's an immediate list of updates to address in order to wake the bike up a bit..

First off I have a Sigma Performance jet kit en route from amazon...

Then gearing it down (15/43 Stock) to 14/44, or 14/45. With that being said, it is entirely difficult to find any sprockets other than stock (or even stock) to fit the bike. I know there are MULTIPLE versions of this same engine so I went that route. Ended up finding JT sprockets that look as though they will be correct (though unconformable until I get them) and they happen to be a front from a KTM 125 Duke, and the rear from a Suzuki TU250X. If anyone can confirm or deny their fitment, or offer alternatives other than sifting through every bike in the JT catalogue please chime in. Ideally I'd like to convert to a 428 chain/sprocket setup, any recommendations there would be great also.

I then picked up a generic weld-on exhaust setup that'll I place before tuning the carb.. Picked up a kockoff TrailTech Vapor to replace the entire gauge cluster as the stock one is useless. if you havent had the pleasure of riding this bike.. All of the gauge needles jump all over the place, pretty pointless so I am going to yank it off the bike..

What I would really like to address next would be stripping the air intake system and pollution regulating devices... If anyone can offer me advice or product numbers to accomplish that'd be awesome!

Cosmetically I am stripping the decals off, removing the front and rear fender, as well as the oem blinkers/license plate mount. Have a guy looking at designing me a gel base layer for the zero-padding seat.

Lastly, and what would make this entire post semi-irrelevant is if ANYONE had access to a true shop/service manual. The owner's manual spends more time telling you how to ride a motorcycle than it does listing anything of value (spark plug type, filter numbers, etc, etc).. I have contacted SSR directly a few times and have never received a response, and none of the local dealers seem to have access to a manual. The closest thing I had found was a Haynes "Chinese Motorcycles" Manual, but its 125cc based and only up until 2013.