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    The Volt display is a good idea.
    As i experienced several times in China i would keep special eyes on the regulator. They are cheap in price and most time also quality. Better have a spare with you.

    Keep us updated.
    Safe ride!

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    C-Moto Not-so-Noob GSR's Avatar
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    Thanks for the suggestions ChinaV and Shuben. Already got the Taobao volt meter and ran the basic tests. Haven’t had the opportunity to get out on the road to see about higher speed. I’ve talked to a trusted mechanic in the US and done research on the internet. While the volt meter might show a weak or bad battery, and may indicate a charging system problem, from what I learned it’s not going to diagnose the problem beyond that. The battery has tested fine, 12.6V static and just below 10V on starter. While running in the garage it showed 14.2 dropping to 14.1 with RPM. According to everything I learned those numbers are within spec. Right now I’m leaning toward Shuben’s suggestion of it being a regulator; which could explain both a parasitic drain on the battery as well as a failure to maintain proper voltage under load. Taking the bike out this afternoon. If there is a problem under load (at a reasonably high speed). I’ll attempt to test the alternator & regulator separately to see if I can distinguish the problem. If no voltage issue at higher speed then on to plan ?C?

    I am starting to understand why riders in China seem to be carrying an excessive amount of luggage, it's all the spare parts they expect to need. :)
    ZF-KY 500x , KTM 530, Ducati 1200s
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    Hello GSR, I am a new member on this forum and based in the Philippines, here they start to sell the ZF-KY 500x under the name Brixx Venturi 500.
    Since i read your story in this post, i start to worry about the reliability, specially about the battery drain issue.
    Could you find the root cause off the battery drain? If yes, how did you solve it?
    Are here other members who experienced the same issues?

    Thanks in advance

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