Riccardo designed Zongshen engine has been shown.
The first illustration looks very similar to the Kymco K-rider400
I'm curious about the longevity especially having little faith in anything linked with Norton/Riccardo in the first place.
Zongshen rates it at 70bhp(52kw)/ 62Nm(46lbft) at 9,000RPM
Norton Atlas rated at 84bhp(63kw)/ 64Nm(47lbft) at 11,000RPM
Norton Superlight at 105bhp(78kw)/ 75Nm(55lbft) at 12,500RPM

zongshen 650.jpgnorton_650_scrambler_05.jpgnorton_650_scrambler_06.jpg
zongshen norton engine.jpgNorton-Atlas-Ranger-Engine.jpg