Hi Everyone,

I created an account in the hopes you can help me out. I ride a 2013 Cfmoto 650nk. Recently both of my front rotors warped. Not entirely sure why, but I suspect the change of season had something to do with it... anyway I've been looking into replacements and have found wildly different pricing for a pair of front rotors.
I've checked with my local dealer about how much it would cost for some genuine rotors and, unsurprisingly, that quote was the most expensive I've found. Around $300aud EACH!!!. Ouch.
I've also been looking online and found an OEM set from aliexpress for $200usd for a pair, delivered. Not too bad, but a bit of a wait to get delivered from China to Australia.
I guess my main question is, do I have to look for genuine/OEM parts, or can I just get any old 300mm diameter, 5 bolt rotors? Will a set made for the Kawasaki ER6 fit? I cannot for the life of me find any information as to whether the hub mounts are universal or not. Can anyone help me with any information please?

Links for parts below:

OEM: $200 usd

ER6 rotors: $140 usd