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  1. #1 Unidentified Dirt Bike 
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    Jul 2019
    Melbourne, Australia
    Hi everyone,

    I recently acquired this bike secondhand for the occasional bush trail use here in Australia. The seller couldn't remember the make.


    It has a ZS177MM engine. Based on the VIN (LSSLFNC12C0xxxxxx), I'm guessing it's related to the Asiawing NC250 (thanks to GooseYArd's SR250S page!), but there are some clear differences. I couldn't find any other markings on the bike that would identify it's origin.

    According to the seller, it's a 2015 build. The VIN would suggest it's a 2012 model.

    Does anyone recognize it?
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  2. #2 Re: Unidentified Dirt Bike 
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    Sep 2011
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    It looks Asiawing to me too.
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