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  1. #1 Drive an RX3 1/2 way around the USA - NEED HELP 
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    RX3 Adventure ride 40 days/39 nights - better than Noah
    Hello folks -

    I am looking to take an adventure ride this next spring (2020), and have started to save money, decide on locations to stop at, and plan all the aspects of this trip.

    For me the timing is important beucase (a) I am completing my internship next spring, and will have some free time, (b) I have to make sure I have a job when I come back, so the timing is important, and (c) this is going to require some serious money; which my budget is $5,000 (which would include the purchase price of the bike)

    My goal hree is to: (a) push myself and do something I have never done, (b) face some fears of traveling, camping, and ride so far, (c) see more of the USA which I have not seen, (d) push the bike to see if i can make it, and (d) have some fun. (e) maybe meet some people and make friends along the way. (f) probably a once in a lifetime event for me.

    Therefore, I wanted to reach out to the RX3 community here for some help and advice to help me make some choices and some of the aspects I am kinda stopped on.

    Details of the trip are as follows:

    (1) I have decided to go with an RX3 for this 2-up ride due to my wife wanting to come with me (she refuses to get her license and ride her own moto - long story). I know the bike is a little underpowered for this, but it will be alright as long as I can maintain 50-55mph with all the weight and gear. I am not concerned about riding 80-90 mph. The bike is the right size and would work quite well IMO. I have soft panniers and a top box, so the stock stuff I probably will not need. I will most likely upgrade to the better pannier racks that CSC has.

    (1.1) Even though the budget is $5,000, I might be able to purchase the bike outright by April 2020; thus having more capitol.

    (1.2) I plan to ride a max of 300-350 miles a day due to the stops I wish to see and visits. The day rides would be closer to 350, whiles some days would just be 300 or less. I have read in other blogs that 350 is a good pace. I am thinking to make it across Nebraska, I will have to have a big day of riding there.

    I am worried about the heat in the desert as I have not experienced that, so I don't know what to expect. However, enough water and a liquid-cooled engine, I think would be alright.

    (2) I have not decided yet if I would purchase a RX3 and have shipped to me to Minnesota, or if I would fly out to CA, buy one, then drive it to the places I want to go, and then drive back to Minnesota. Not sure yet. Still a couple of factors to work out.

    If I was to get one, and have it shipped to me in MN, that would add at least 3-5 days travel time.

    (3) I plan to take at least 40-days to ride to various places. The places I plan to ride are:

    -California (off-road in LA: Santiago Peak, Rowlers Flats; Lee Vining; Back to the Future movie houses; Captiol Records Building; PCH), drive to San Fran (Reyes Point, Tesla), Yositemite Park, Joshua Tree, and a couple of things along the way. Most of the trip would be spent in CA. If the trails are too hard to too much for my skills and level, I would turn back due to having 2-up riding.

    -Arizona: Phoenix; the rock crater; grand canyon; page, Az.

    -Nevada (around Vegas, minimal off-road); check the area out as I might want to work there.

    -Utah (around St. George, Moab (a drive-thru, due to time), Monument Valley, Zion National Park.

    -Colorado (Pike's Peak) no off-road.

    -Four Corners

    -Ship Rock

    -St Louis

    -Nauvoo (heard it was beautiful)

    -Riverside, IA: To see the ENTERPRISE Starship there.

    -And ride up to St. Paul, MN (home).

    (4) I do have a few of questions for the community. If you would be so kind to answer some or give some helpful advice this might make my decisions a little easier as I plan this out.

    -How often did you do your laundry? Every 2-3 days? How many days of clothes would you bring? 2, 3, or 4?

    -Did you use the stock tires on the RX3 or switch them out for your ride? I am leaning towards swapping out to IRC GP1's or something similar.

    -Did you change out your inner-tubes before the trip? I am leaning out to switch out to HD tubes to avoid breaking-in issues.

    -Has anyone tried to waterproof the bike as some people have reported problems when the bike would gets wet? What did you do to waterproof?

    -How much drinking water would you carry on your bike or with you?

    -What GPS would you recommend?

    -What was or is a good sleeping bag which is light and would measure to about 10-degrees? What has worked for you?

    -did you use a foam mattress or an air mattress?

    -Do you have a recommendation for a light 2-3 person tent?

    -Do you stop every 3-4 days for a rest day, or did you continue riding? How did that affect the trip, your back, or other aspects?

    -How did you work meals? Did you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner? How much do you think a good budget for a 30-40-day trip would be? Did you try to buy food at a grocery versus fast food and gas stations?

    -did you use a mini-gas stove versus a fire? Which did you prefer more?

    -What are somethings you would have to worry about when camping? Wolves, bears, theft? Bugs?

    -What are three things you recommend bringing or knowing about?

    -What would you recommend for a ADV jacket and pants? boots?

    Thanks so much if you read until here. I hope to hear what you have experienced to help finish up the plans for my trip.

    Also, don't worry, once I am underway, I will post on here!


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  2. #2 Re: Drive an RX3 1/2 way around the USA - NEED HELP 
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    First off, wow, that is a big plan, doable but big. My first question is why the CMC RX3? If you are set on it and have your reasons go for it. Otherwise re-think that decision. A good used larger Japanese bike is going to serve you much better. My second recommendation is to get whatever bike early enough to do a practice ride; 1-2 days with all the gear and the wife. That will give you some indication of how much gear you can reasonable pack, and some basis understanding of how long the two of you can ride in a day.
    Sounds like you have put in considerable though into most if not all of the questions you ask, which in my opinion is the most important thing. If you are going in the spring for the most part the desert should not be that bad. That said it can still get very hot in the Spring in SE California, NC and AZ.
    As for spares, amount of clothing, water, food, camping gear… you are going to find two up on a small bike and the amount of gear you can carry is going to be limited. Two up with minimal gear and you are reaching or exceeding the recommended load limits of that bike, as well as most others. That is not to say people don’t do amazing journeys on overloaded bikes and get away with it.
    As for gear recommendations, as light and compact as possible within your budget. No need to buy expensive gear. On that trip you are going to encounter a fairly wide range of temperatures. With a tent and two persons I would think a 10F bag would work. 10C not so sure. For camping – lots of common sense! AND, do not leave food in the tent or within reach of animals. Hanging it in a bag is the best as carrying a bear proof container is a lot of weight and space you do not have. AGAIN, no food, even candy or tooth paste in your tent. You may not have to worry about bears but how do you feel about a skunk in your tent at 3:00am. Trust me, that does not end well.
    On personal gear, you have to have decent rain gear. You might get away without in CA, NV and AZ but the other places not so much. Wet and cold make for a very miserable time. The rest of the gear is personal choice; level of safety, personal comfort, cost… I do recommend making the choice and wearing it on the practice ride.
    As for GPS, your phone and Google maps, or another map app if you are so inclined.
    Most of the other things you mention, food choice, cooking method, amount of water carried, laundry… depend on where you are at the time, the conditions and mostly personal preference.
    No matter what bike you are on, tires you have, etc. pay attention to the bike and check things daily. Tire pressure and wear. Keep the chain reasonable clean, lubed and adjusted. Try to check for loose nuts and bolts, oil leaks, oil level. If dusty conditions check the air filter. Catching something before it fails or falls off saves a lot of time and headache.
    Lastly, no matter what, do the trip regardless of the bike, gear, etc. An adventure you will not forget.
    ZF-KY 500x , KTM 530, Ducati 1200s
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  3. #3 Re: Drive an RX3 1/2 way around the USA - NEED HELP 
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    Hello GSR -

    Thanks so much for replying to my thread. I will make some more comments and answer a couple of your questions.

    WHY THE RX3:
    The reason for this is price. I set my budget at $5,000 for the whole trip, which would include the price of the motorcycle. So, for $3,999, I would have a new moto in which to perform this trip. I understand the RX3 has it limitations, as all motos do, but this is probably the one that would make it. The other contender is the ROYAL ENFIELD - HYMALAYAN. Which is a simliar bike in size and hp (ie: 25hp). I agree a bigger bike such as a KTM or DR or KLR might be a better bike, but I am have not been able to find one that I felt good about yet.

    The second thing was is to push this Chinese bike and see if it can do it. That is part of the main reason. I want to see how hard I can push myself (as I have never been on a ride like this) and I would like to push the moto. I do follow some people on instagram who are folks from Central and South America and they seem to do just find with the moto. I follow others in India who have the HIMALAYAN and they have lots of success with the bike.

    I have looked at the Suzuki VStrom 650 which would work. I would like to look at that Kawi Versyss 300 yet and see what that is like. Maybe that can work, but the budget is $5,000. However, I may have to finance something bigger. I am not interested in a BMW or a 1200 sized bike. Not for a first trip and with so much inexperience.

    that is a good piece of advice and something I did not consider. Thanks for point that out. Once I get all the gear and moto, that is something that my wife and I will do.

    I was initially considering Feburary, but now have reconsidered to a later time such as April 2020. It will be too cold in the areas I wish to see, and would be too cool driving back through NE, MO, IA, and MN. Not that it could not be done, I just don't want to add the risk of cold and potentially snow.

    This is what I am wondering. I think what you had mentioned was s good idea, get the moto, try it out and see what it is like. That's the best idea.

    You made some good points about NOT leaving food in the tents. Something I had forgotten about. Good catch!
    Haning the bags was a good idea as well.

    You made a couple of points which I have noted in my travel notes.
    Thanks for pointing out a couple of things I have missed.

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  4. #4 Re: Drive an RX3 1/2 way around the USA - NEED HELP 
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    The RX3 can do it no problem. One of the guys who rode down Baja with us a couple of years ago was taller than 6' and at least 250 lbs. He rode 2-up with his petite wife the entire trip. Never had trouble keeping up with the rest of us. The stock RX3 tires are fine for the trip you suggest. I used them on fire roads in Colorado with no problem. Check CraigsList in your area. Used RX3's pop up from time to time at a good discount over new. If you get the bike brand-new be sure to take it on a long weekend shakedown ride before you leave on your trip.

    I don't see any advantage to changing out the inner tubes beforehand. Carry a spare rear tube and a patch kit (With appropriate tools)

    Yes the factory plastic side panniers will leak a bit in the rain. My top case never leaked. Put your clothes in plastic bags in them and you'll be fine.

    If you've already got a smart phone, I suggest the free app. All maps can be downloaded for offline use and it is a good map program.

    There's a large RX3 forum on with good info:

    Good Luck,

    Dan K.
    Dan Kearney - Black Hawk, Colorado, USA
    Zongshen RX-3 - Zongshen TT250 - Ural GearUp Hack - Honda CT110
    Ural M70 Retro Solo - BMW R100R - Royal Enfield Bullet 500
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  5. #5 Re: Drive an RX3 1/2 way around the USA - NEED HELP 
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    Dan -
    Thanks for the tips and post!!!
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  6. #6 Re: Drive an RX3 1/2 way around the USA - NEED HELP 
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    You live in America and have access to an almost unlimited supply of quality Japanese used machinery. I can think of at least a dozen choices that are better than the RX3.

    Too many questions that have been answered hundreds of times in lots of other forums. ADVRider is a good place to find all those answers.

    I'll answer one of them... Water. A good Camelback with a 3 liter bladder is enough to keep 2 people alive. You most likely will have access to water at least one or two times per day. You can save a ton of money by filling up your camelback at gas stations with ice or hotels with ice machines. My wife and I spent a few months touring the USA by motorcycle and spent almost nothing on water.
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  7. #7 Re: Drive an RX3 1/2 way around the USA - NEED HELP 
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    One more thing.... anything over 4000 feet of elevation in California could have snow in April. The road to Yosemite from the West side didn't open until the end of June this year. It's very common for the really good roads in the Sierras to be closed into May due to the snow.
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