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  1. #1 Is it legal for me to buy this motorbike? 
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    Another foreigner wants to sell me her bike. It's a 150cc Chinese copy of the brand ktm with 14k km on it. I'm just wondering if what she's proposing is a legal transfer. Does anyone recognize these documents, and is the transfer legal? Her idea is to sign the paperwork over to me.

    WeChat Image_20190823172808.jpg

    WeChat Image_20190823172814.jpg
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  2. #2 Re: Is it legal for me to buy this motorbike? 
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    We're is the green book ?

    When was it last inspected ?
    These are the 2 first question I be asking .
    Do you live in the same area as the bike owner.
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    As Prince666 suggests... but also importantly, you'd likely find all this out if you were to buy or wanted to buy the bike and do so legally... when you and the seller go to the Traffic PSB where the bike is plated and registered. If you don't speak the lingo then take someone else on your side that does. The MO is that the person who speaks putonghua on your side, has your best interest at heart and you don't get tricked or fooled along the way. So it should be someone you can trust to reliably translate between you and all the other parties (Traffic PSB staff, the seller and anyone else that might become involved). Notwithstanding that any person you take along, understands the requisite requirements of traffic/registration/licensing transfer procedures and such like. If you take a young 20 something princess with little to know understanding or knowledge on such matters.. then you may run the very real risk of being tricked by all and sundry. But then again... maybe not.
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    The key documents are the blue wallet (as your picture in your OP), the green "registration booklet (A5 size), the original fapiao (if possible) - check that the documents corroborate the info contained in the other and then that info matches the bike. Of course if you go through the change of ownership process at the applicable Traffic PSB then that in and of itself should provide you a sense of comfort that everything is above board. Don't forget to have your PRC motorcycle class driver license on hand and your passport (photocopies beforehand - always useful) and sort out the compulsory third party insurance (usually sorted at the Traffic PSB, although may also require to a separate insurance office offsite).

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