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  1. #1 Where to get a high lift cam for a K157FMI engine. 
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    Hi guys, figured this was the best place to ask, I'm trying to find a high lift cam shaft for a Sinnis Trackstar, it's using the K157FMI engine and from what I've read a new cam shaft would add a little more top end power which is what I'm after but I'm not sure which ones will work or fit.

    I've read about the l230 but I'm not sure where to source these from in the UK.

    It's relatively stock ATM, I've taken the restrictor out of the air box, removed the air recirculation stuff, gone up slightly on the jets and I'm waiting on another exhaust and that's about it so far but just a little more top end would be nice.

    I know it's never going to be fast and it doesn't need to be, I've got other bikes for that and this one is actually my girlfriend's but she got another one and I figured it would be fun to mess around with.
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  2. #2 Re: Where to get a high lift cam for a K157FMI engine. 
    There are high lift cams on Aliexpress however I have never bought one so can't tell you if there is a noticeable difference in height compared to the 125 cam or performance. I know the 200cc cams are a straight fit but not sure if they are higher than the 125. If you buy one from Aliexpress it would be interesting to know if there really is a different in cam height.
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