We run a charity for military veterans in the UK. Itís an automotive club that lets veterans mess around with motorcycles and cars as part of their recovery from PTSD or just to find a sense of camaraderie. Itís called the Veteransí Garage and you can see the project at www.veteransgarage.co.uk

As part of the charity we have a motorcycle brand called Veterans Garage Motorcycles (VGM) and we sell the Tekken thatís made at Fuego. We buy it in parts and the veterans build them as part of their therapy, and also to gain qualifications. We call our Tekken the VGM Apache because we thought it sounded a bit more military! A percentage of the bike sales go back into the charity.

Winter is coming soon and with it the slow sales season so weíve decided to sell the last few cheaply in order to make room for our new delivery of bikes in the spring.

At Lexmoto the Tekken costs around 2200 quid, but in order to sell our remaining few bikes we are open to reasonable offers (well under a 2 grand). We have a huge stock of parts which are no problem anyway as my wife is a partner in Fuego anyway.


If you already have a bike or are in China do us a favour and tell people back in the UK about this offer, itíll do us a great favour.

If you fancy getting yourself a Tekken on the cheap and helping British veterans get in touch with me at englishmaninchina@gmail.com