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  1. #1 CG 250 Gearbox problem. 
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    Good Evening to the community.
    Would any one in the community please be so kind to assist me with a problem I have on my "No Limit" 250 quad.
    On the engine stands 167FMM. It is supposingly to be a 250cc air cooled push rod engine. I have tried to identify the engine and it looks similar to a Zongschen type of engine.
    My Problem:-
    This is a 4 speed front and one reverse gear gearbox. Someone fitted a new selector fork and it felt like it was not assembled correctly. In the box (as per picture) is a lever which I cannot find the place where it hooks in.
    Can anybody identify this lever and where it hooks in?
    The specialists here in J Bay are not able or capable to assist!!!
    I have searched the internet for a repair or workshop manual and I only land on pay sites and winning sites and malicious warning sites. Can somebody assist me with a manual?
    Thanks for the help in advance.
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