Hi all

So I have suspected the ecu has been going bad for awhile. Today while riding all of a sudden the bike just shut off while going along at slow speeds..
When I tried to restart it turning the ignition switc off then on to restart ...the fuel pump did not prime as usual and nothing when I pressed the starter button .. the gauges and lights al l still had full power ..but nothing not a click from the starter as if it is getting zero power.

I ave checked all the fuses including the main fuse and all is good. I have checked and tested the battery which is good.

I am thinking it is the ecu but wanted to ask a few questions before I get a new one ..
The side stand switch has not worked since I bought the bike ..one of the reasons I think the ecu is bad as itís a common fault when the ecu starts failing.. the side switch basically shuts off the bike right ..but you would still get the f1 light working and fuel pump if this for some reason was bad and stopping the bike ?

The other thing Iím thinking of testing is the roll over sensor ...but again if the roll over sensor was preventing the bike from starting ..the fuel pump would still prime and the f1 system still work right..

The fuses are good ...the battery is good but it seems the ignition system has no power while the rest of the bike still has power... I will test the ignition switch tomorrow , maybe that has gone bad ....if that was the fault then yeah neither the f1 fuel pump or starter would work ...but if the switch is good ...given the battery and fuses are good ....and what I wrote about the two sensors tip over and side stand ..the only thing I can think of is the ecu not initialising ...
Am I right here if the ecu goes bad ..you would not get anything or the f1 diagnostic when you turn the ignition switch on .... can anyone think of any other reason or anything else to check?

Ecus are expensive so want to check everything before buying a new one..

Thanks to anyone that has any ideas..