@bikerdoc thank you for your detailed answer. it helped a lot.

we decided to ask the local shop to find a new or second hand bike for my chinese friend here. this is a new shop in my town (I'm living in shishi/fujian) and it looks relatively professional benelli 4s shop. they may help him to handle all these processes and offer a better after sales service too.

i am actually very happy to find that shop. shop owner is a skilled biker and he got a rmz250 at the shop :) his 2 colleagues in the shop are dirt bike rider too. they go offroading sometimes as he says. i am trying to get involved :)

they have offered xinguizun (新贵尊) zh250gy-3 model. that seems to be the only one can be registered right now.

air cooled 223cc cb250 engine, 9.3:1 compression. they say xinguizun is going to release a new street legal bike soon with a more powerful engine. i have no idea how soon it is.

any idea about this one?

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