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  1. #1 QJ157FMI-2A (K157FMI) modding options 
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    Hi all,

    I've been riding on my 125cc (Keeway Tx 125 EFI) for several months now and full license is on its way (along with bigger bike). However, I plan to keep my TX because... I like it. It's light and handy for every day use.

    Nevertheless, I'd like to boost it a bit, so it could move more "enthusiastically".

    Here's what I thought of:

    - Big bore 150cc
    - Oil cooler
    - 14T front sprocket (stock is 13T)
    - "better" camshaft and perhaps new head (if needed)

    I have a few questions though, perhaps You guys could lighten me up a bit.

    - Regarding Big Bore: Can I buy the larger piston only and have a stock cylinder grinded for a bigger diameter? The engine is powder coated for specific colour and standard 150cc cylinder from Aliexpress, which is not, will look like... well, not very nice.

    EDIT: what is the pin diameter/length? From what I gathered, Big Bore kits for GN125 have 14mm and Keeway seems to have 13mm?? If so, the whole plan goes to the trash can.

    - Regarding camshaft - there is little information about it. There are "performance" camshafts on Aliexpress, dedicated for Suzuki GN125 but I am not really convinced to them. Will they fit? What about their quality?

    What about cylinder head? Do i need it?

    Any advice will be welcomed. For those saying, that's not worth it - I just like doing such stuff :)

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