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  1. #1 Sinnis Max 2 (QM125-2V) Carb issues 
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    Aug 2020
    United Kingdom
    Hi Folks.
    I'm new here. Hoping for a bit of advice from you all.
    I Have a 2015 Sinnis Max 2 that's randomly developed a carb problem.
    The bike is completely standard apart from the stupid SAI thing has been removed and the ports plugged up, and the exhaust is a GS125 pattern part.

    I bought it second hand and gave it a thorough service etc. It ran perfectly for a couple of hundred miles, now the revs have started hanging at around 4000.
    It starts fine, idles at around 1300, plug is a good colour if not slightly rich.
    Throttle cable is new and in good condition, no binding at all.
    Carb has been stripped and cleaned 4 times at this point. New o-rings fitted.
    Valve clearances are bang-on.
    It's a mikuni carb, one of those cheap single cable jobs. Jets are standard, 97.5 main and I think 15 idle but can't remember to be honest.

    I've checked for air leaks, all good there. I've tweaked the mixture screw, no joy there. It'currently set to about 1 3/4 turns out which feels about right. Any further out and it starts bogging when I blip the throttle.

    Any ideas,guys? It's my son's first bike and I need it to be safe for him.

    Cheers Folks,
    Thanks very much!
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  2. #2 Re: Sinnis Max 2 (QM125-2V) Carb issues 
    Senior C-Moto Guru humanbeing's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    BS26? Torn a hole in diaphragm isn't uncommon at all. Quick Chinese solution = Replace it w/ a Fakuni
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  3. #3 Re: Sinnis Max 2 (QM125-2V) Carb issues 
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    Aug 2020
    United Kingdom
    Hi Humanbeing.

    It's not a CV carb, it's a cable operated slide job. I stuck a new one on today but still no joy. As soon as I adjust the idle so that it doesn't stall, the revs start hanging at around 4000. Mixture screw doesn't seem to help much. Bearing in mind that the idle screw basically just alters the stop position of the slide, do you think changing the needle height will help? I'm just clutching at straws here ��. Is there anything simple I'm overlooking here? I'm certain it's not the cable.

    Cheers ��
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