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  1. #1 How do you think about Nexx helmet? 
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    Does anyone know the Chinese Nexx helmet? I'm not very familiar with this brand but it seems like it is the most expensive and quality lid in China.

    I just got my new Nexx a couple of days ago and I got a discount of $100. It was a very great deal and I really like it so far because it matches my bike's color and some other lovable features like a wide view angle, removable visor, three mounting areas for gopro, ventilation holes, built-in xcom and designed for Bluetooth headset.

    I used an LS2 before this Nexx. It was cheap and you know it was really uncomfortable. At the time I bought this Nexx, I was not sure it well worth the money, or I would have to spend more on a decent Arai or Shoei.

    My head is quite big and not fit a lot of cheaper lids. I realized that helmets that are more oval will have a higher price.

    The Nexx can solve my problem, it fits me well and it looks great, too. It is quality and full of features. Love it! What do you guys think?
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