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  1. #1 Noisy Rear Wheel Bearings 
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    My rear wheel bearings have become noisy, but I can't find any play in them and there's no sign of overheating.

    Would greasing the bearings cure the problem, or should they be replaced?

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  2. #2 Re: Noisy Rear Wheel Bearings 
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    Are the bearings in a sealed bearing set, or is there a grease nipple (probably unlikely on newer bikes)..? if you can get into the bearings then an application of appropriate grease might delay the collapse, but if the bearings are already noisy, I'd not risk a bearing collapse, and swap them out ASAP. May as well do all the wheel bearings (font and rear at the same time), to play it safe and mitigate any potential dramas or worse. I've experienced a noisy wheel bearing in a vehicle more than once and one time only just made it to a Suzuki dealership/workshop. The bearing in front wheel collapsed just as I turned towards the dealership/workshop driveway. Limped across the roadway into the workshop. Phew! I replaced all wheel bearings, since if one set go and the others are same mileage, then it's more than likely the others are soon to follow. YMMV
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