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  1. #1 Hi gals and guys, happy to join. And can anyone help please, with advice on CDI units 
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    Hi everyone, and it's nice to join your group. You look like a very friendly bunch, and I hope I might make some new friends on here.
    I wonder if anyone can help me with a serious problem I have?
    I own a Pulse Adrenaline 250 which I love, but it developed a fault, which through days of diagnostic testing, I have traced back to what I am fairly sure is a faulty CDI unit.
    The front brake and side stands both work off a positive 12V supply, which is normally open, and closes the circuit to kill the engine.
    When I test the two connectors in the CDI unit that feed these two wires within the loom, they are a closed circuit within the CDI. As a closed circuit kills the engine, I must assume that this is meant to be open inside the CDI unit, and it must have burnt out some kind of electronic component within the sealed resin device. Obviously this is not user servicable, and so I need a new one.
    I have been completely unable to find a replacement CDI unit for a 250 engine.
    Instead I purchased a CDI for the Adrenaline 125, hoping they would be the same, as both CDIs look identical, with the exception of the two mounting tabs on the 125, that are missing from the 250.
    However, when I put a meter across all the connectors, they do not appear to be wired internally in the same way. This discrepancy to the apparent internal circuit applies to more terminal connectors then just the two that feed the kill switch circuit, the one I believe to be faulty. I therefore believe that, although they look identical on the outside, internally they are significantly different, and so I have not attempted to try it for fear of causing more damage.
    I know that the engine in the Adrenaline 250 is essentially the same as in the Suzuki GN250, and so I tried looking at CDIs for this, which are readily available, and at a very cheap price.
    However, although they look very similar, the Suzuki version has a different connector to the Adrenaline one. The Adrenaline has 8 pins in a vertical format, while the Suzuki has 6 pins mounted horizontally.
    So can anyone please advise me what I should do?
    Should the CDIs for the 125 and 250 versions be identical internally, and any discrepancy has been caused by the damage to my original one? In this case, I could fit the 125 CDI that I have, and it should work.
    Is it possible to rearrange the wires within the loom's connector plug so that they will match the Adrenaline 125 CDI, if it is indeed different to the 250?
    Is it possible to cut and splice a Suzuki 6 pin connector into the loom, to allow fitting a Suzuki GN250 CDI?
    I would need advice please on how to connect the wires to the CDI, if either of these options is possible.
    Or finally, does anyone have a replacement working CDI for the Pulse Adrenaline 250 that you want to sell?
    Thanks very much for taking the time to read this long and detailed query, and I hope someone may be able to help me.
    Kind regards, and stay safe everyone, Alan.
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  2. #2 Re: Hi gals and guys, happy to join. And can anyone help please, with advice on CDI u 
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    Ages ago there's shop manual in 'net but those link are DEAD. I may have a copy somewhere in my old pc...

    --- OR via agent :
    study HARD other model's pinout & take the risk...
    Those good old 125 using 4 pins ONLY... such as EN125-2A
    the later 1 added some headaches: [+7V !!!]
    Someone tried repair those Chinese made Kokusan in page 2 ***no standby current measured, 99....% cdi f***ed ***
    In some case the trigger coil is the casue: ***take the multimeter & measures it. Better build a peak voltage adapter for easy read result***
    view the above URLs in desktop mode if doesn't showup in handheld device
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