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  1. #1 My first ride in Sichuan 
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    Hi there! after the long ride from Bj my heart wasn't able to calm down...every day looking at the map of Sichuan, till wed nite when i decieded to have a look of the mountains around Chengdu.
    I left at 5:00 yesterday morning directed to Emei mountains(3100mt) nothing really after a quick lunch on the way, i put the front tire to south looking for the highest peak of Sichuan,Hailuogou(7556mt).
    Well the mountain itself is just a mountain...moreover at the gate(chinese way) they told me that Motorbykes can't go up to the high valley...
    "u can come tomorrow by authorized bus" said the guard...then i replied to him- if my byke can't go, me either, we are a couple, unseparable!.
    Anyhow, the way to there is very nice.. i made in total 880 km in 2 days..which 250 of highway, 150 dirty,dirty roads( my ChinaBK friend would love them haha) and the rest of good mountain sneaky roads...I had great time.. beautiful sceneries and incredible valleys .. even if last night was raining.. and dirty roads consequently became more funny. here some pics of my trip.. Love
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