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  1. #1 need help and self introduction. 
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    Mar 2021
    new Zealand, Hamilton.
    hello. my name is marty . I am from n.z and have a LF250B that I am doing a bobber project on. vtin is what I like as well as the style of bike, as opposed to american chopper. I'm finding it near impossible to find parts, or an owners manual(booklet) as I would like to maintain the bike myself. I'm having electrical issues where the bike is shorting out when I jump start it. (dead battery needs replacing). also kill switch has two wires that are disconnected can anybody give me some diagrams please. be much appreciated thank you.
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    foreign China moto dude bikerdoc's Avatar
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    KiaOra Marty. Welcome to MCM. Interesting looking project bike you have chosen there. LF250 suggest it is based on a LiFeng.
    One of the MCM members "HumanBeing" might be able to help you out with your issues. He might be a long shortly with suggestions and point you in the right direction with links etc. If not just drop him a message via a PM, I'm sure he'd likely be happy to help you out. Meanwhile search MCM for all things "Li Feng" "LiFeng". Just use with your search terms and simply add MyChinaMoto at the end of those search terms. This works better than using the MCM search-engine (Advanced Search) up near the top right of MCM webpages.
    Good luck with the LiFeng project bike
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    That looks like a nice bike project!
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