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Thread: 650TR 2014

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    Hi All,

    my name is Jose and I've recently just bought an 650TR, 2014 model - currently it's a non runner, it has 10k miles and previous owner sold it due to health reasons. Bike doesn't turn over, hopefully I'll have it in the garage in a few days so I can start troubleshooting.
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    Hi Jose, welcome to MCM
    When you turn on the ignition what instrument lights illuminate?
    The 2011-2014 model CFs (250-650cc) have a know issue with the Ducati ECU/ECM dying. The later model CF's have a Bosch ECU/ECM which have proven much more reliable.
    I'd start with the simple stuff first, fuel stabiliser, flush fuel tank etc. Battery replacement/recharge/load test, change all fluids esp oil and filters then go from there.
    You might find some useful info in the Street section of MCM
    Let us know how you get on...
    Good luck
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