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  1. #1 ScrappyDogScooters For all your Parts Needs Update 2/14/10 

    ScrappyDogScooters offers a long list of parts and performence parts, My pricing is competitive. Adding new parts daily to the site, If you would like to become a dealer with ScrappyDogScooters click this Link We do offer dealer incentives. My mission is to help in this unorganized market. If you have any questions SERVICE@SCRAPPYDOGSCOOTERS.COM will gladly help. All parts We ship same day greneraly arrives in two to four days, and we have tech support as well, Just ask "MO". check us out and see what you think?

    Promo Code " Cali "


    Feb. 18th 2010
    It just keeps getting better. We have just added three more additions to our inventory.

    You asked for the go-fast stuff folks, so here it is.

    1) Geniune Taiwanese Ruima big valve performance head to the GY6 150+
    2) Geniune Taiwanese Denso DS Nikasil 59mm big bore kit for the GY6
    3) Genuine Keihin CVK 32mm carburetor with steel performance manifold and filter!

    It's going fast, we had some performance 139qmb cams, but there gone like the 150's before we listed them!
    We'll have the 150 performance cam's back in stock within the week, with the 50cc cams soon to follow.

    Fed.17th 2010
    Hello everyone, we've got some new and exciting inventory additions I think you would like to know about:

    1) 47.6mm Aluminum big bore kit for 2strokes!
    2) Performance Torque and clutch springs for the 2strokes, 150's, and 50cc 139QMB's!
    3)Good quality replacement 139QMB crankshafts.
    4) 125/150cc GY6 kickstarter kits and new quality variator kits
    5) Vento V-thunder/Colt V-twin 250cc starter clutches.
    6) 2stroke throttle/ oil pump cables
    7) 250cc performance camshafts
    8) New 788 belts for 2strokes

    Feb.5th 2010
    We just added some really cool performance electronics, including a CDI for the 250, JOG 2stroke CDI and coil. Monkey bike performance CDI, a new GY6 Red Hot ultra spark igntion coil. You can see these new part at this link.

    Jan.29th 2010
    ScrappyDogScooters took over This month. As well We have just received a fresh new shipment of quality parts for scooters and ATV's today that I think you may be interested in. The variety is broad, We will be posting these parts on over the next day or two.

    We are also expecting a new shipment of performance electronics for the JOG 1E40QMB 2stroke, th DIO 2stroke, GY6, 139qmb, CF250, and the horizontal "f" types found in pit bikes, atv's, and dirt bikes.

    large shipment of performance and standard parts will arrive this month. We will also be expanding more into the V-twin 250 like the Vento V-thunder and Colt, as these parts have been very hard to find.

    "MO"is also available of course for any questions and/or ordering for your specific application.

    Registered dealers, please contact (702) 689-9266 directly for your special pricing advantage.

    Jan.17th 2010
    HOT DEAL ! We thought that all of you might be interested that we just added a new piston/ring kit for the 139qmb 50cc four stroke chinese scooter/atv engine. This is an affordable alternative to replacing the entire top end. Got low compression? Get it corrected with this kit. Only $19.95. Use this link to order:
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