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    Senior C-Moto Guru euphonius's Avatar
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    Thanks for that input, Jape.

    The stock JH600 is a very quiet-running bike and as of July 1 is certified to meet China's latest emissions requirements, which are pretty strict. China's emission regime is roughly analogous to Europe's, and Beijing has committed to a schedule of escalating restrictions on emissions, just as Europe has. I can't find specific references this morning, but I recall that on July 1 2010, the emission standard known as National No. 4 came into effect in major cities. This standard supposedly exceeds Euro III, which is in place for motorcycles in Europe until mid-2012, when I believe Euro IV kicks in.

    For this reason, Chinese motor vehicle regulations are relatively strict, and, in the Chinese way, the system seeks to ban modifications rather than subject modified bikes to standard tests. This is why we are concerned about our muffler mods, especially in cities like Beijing which have a reputation for inflexible enforcement. Though Shanghai's inspections are more lenient, I'm keeping my stock bazooka in a closet just in case I have to put it back on to pass my two-year inspection.

    So in this context, in which manufacturers are under pressure to comply with strict emissions and noise restrictions, it's a safe bet that performance will take a back seat. The factories want their bikes to pass inspections, and will do what it takes. Hopefully, this means that these tailpipe and muffler mods that we are playing with will actually improve the performance of the engines without throwing engine control functions too badly out of whack. We are aware that they will undermine emissions controls and noise suppression to some degree.

    Calculated risk, both with engine function and regulators!
    2010 JH600 "Merkin Muffley" (in Shanghai)
    2000 KLR650 "Feezer Ablanalp" (in California)
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    grumpy old sod jape's Avatar
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    Off topic, sorry - it all makes me wonder if anyone really has (or cares about) an overall picture of emissions etc. when they come up with such 'regs'. What about the initial emissions in manufacturing the raw materials into a m'bike or other vehicle and in wasted bumf when advertising/marketing/regulating? And if they restrict m'bike users too much and charge them too much for licenses etc. then hey, we most all of us would have to stick to the car. I could drive my 8mpg '60's Nissan patrol, or my 2 litre car legally instead if they wish.

    Instead, because I truly cannot afford to pay for two yearly sets of licenses and initial tests in Aus. I ride my little 200cc bike illegally, by choice and very aware of what that entails! Pointless my insuring too as it is wasted when the 'bike itself is illegal, yet there is no public transport where I live or other delivery systems apart from very expensive couriers for any goods. I need transport but have to make these choices against necessity, lifestyle, regulation. Maybe they want us all to live in rabbit warrens, in un-policed urban ghettos if poor or gated communities next to malls if rich?

    They should also regulate 'gear' such as protective clothing more, as already with helmets and car seat belts, so the public hospital costs and insurances are lessened. This is simple balancing of individual freedoms against social necessities, not a hard choice for any grown up to make.
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