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  1. #1 No Licence plate needed 
    C-Moto Senior
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    Apr 2012
    Weifang, Shandong, China
    Hi All,

    I think I may have mentioned this a while ago, but here go's again.

    It appears that over the past few months here in Weifang, there is an explosion of small motorbikes and scooters with no licence plates.
    So I asked my gf to find out more about this "no licence plate" saga.
    She has spoken to quite a few guys that we see when we are out, and they all say, the Weifang police are not bothered in small petrol stuff.
    Be it a motorbike or a scooter.
    Any thing 50cc and smaller, and they just don't care.
    Some of these 500cc scooters are real smart looking, and I am feeling a little tempted.

    I am not new to bikes, having had a few Japanese sports bikes in the past, and the last bike being the 750cc Africa Twin.

    I am also not particularly new to China, been here 3 years now, so have good road sense.
    (If you really want to see bedlam ride from the center of Hanoi in the north of Vietnam, to the center of Saigon (HCMC) in the south of Vietnam, that's crazy riding)

    Any one else finding in their city / village that the police just don't care about the small engined petrol bikes any more?

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  2. #2 Re: No Licence plate needed 
    Senior C-Moto Guru zhu's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    its true that they dont care about small bikes
    or in yangzhou any bike , license ,plate, insurance or anything else you are" supposed" to have
    you have an accident then all rules will be enforced to the letter

    just got back from the impond yard having gone to bail out my mates bike which was involved in a wee prang
    lucky to get it back at all , and then only after using a few family favors and distributing a few pink maos around

    on the bright side some really cool bikes to be found in the impound yard
    all "for sale" lol
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    Jun 2012
    I've been told the same thing by police officers here in Tianjin, and in fact I've been told that it's not possible to register/plate those small bikes because they don't count. So that's what I've been riding around for the last year and a half.

    But I've seen and had 2 different people tell me this past week that the police are confiscating them now. I saw a double-decker car trailer parked at a busy intersection and the top was half-loaded with those small bikes. The police were at all 4 corners of the street stopping people and taking bikes there, no questions asked.

    Granted Tianjin is a "bike-free" city, so that may be playing a part of it, but if they don't count as bikes then surely there's nothing wrong right? I'm suspecting the "they don't count" is more of a "we don't enforce for those bikes", which just happened to change this week.
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  4. #4 Re: No Licence plate needed 
    Senior C-Moto Guru ZMC888's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Zibo, Shandong - Sometimes SW England
    yeah, they don't care until......

    -They decide to have a purge on small bikes and impound yours/fine you/send you to be re-educated in a detention center
    -You get in an accident and you are 100% at fault regardless
    -You hit a pedestrian/scooter/bicycle and they persue you for injury and damage, and keep inflating and lying about the compensation and you can't defend yourself because you don't have an insurance company

    If you listen to what other people say and really believe that the cops 'don't care', and it 'doesn't matter because everyone else does it' you are officially a..............


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  5. #5 Re: No Licence plate needed 
    Danger, Will Robinson! Lao Jia Hou's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by ZMC888 View Post
    If you listen to what other people say and really believe that the cops 'don't care', and it 'doesn't matter because everyone else does it' you are officially a..............

    Total agreement.

    People ... you know, of course, that the vast majority of "unplated" or "not available in China" bikes are stolen, right?

    Last week, had a guy offer me a Yamaha YBR for 1,000 rmb ... claimed he "lost" the docs and the bike was from another province, and now needed immediate cash to get the train back home to tend to an ailing relative. Sheesh ... I know I look dumb ... BUT even I kinda figured that one out.

    I've never quite figured out the riders who espouse their charitable work, and then ride around on a stolen bike.
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