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  1. #1 RMR 125 electric start seems to be stuck on helpppppp??? 
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    Hi really need some help on this one ,this morning i pulled my rmr 125 out the garage as normal and turned it all on as normal and pressed the electric start the bike wouldnt start but could have been because i forgot to turn the choke on ..Anyway to cut a long story short i take my finger of the electric start button but the bike is still trying to start all by itself ?? even if the ignitions off its still trying to start and the only way i was able to get this to stop was disconnecting the wires from the battery ,i've checked every connection on my bike from the ignition wires right through but no joy ,the minuite i try to connect the wires back up to the battery the sparks are flying,could it be the electric start switch?it doesnt seem stuck though seems to release when fingures of it ?any ideas welcome really need help with this one .Last things i done to the bike was an oil change last night started it afterwards all was good till today

    Problem solved!!Put a new battery in the bike and has resolved this problem thanks to advice on another forum,seems the old battery was to weak to start the bike and forced the starter/selenoid to get stuck on
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