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    Quote Originally Posted by forchetto View Post
    Culcune's spirit of self-sacrifice, unstinting devotion to duty and big-hearted altruism coming through there...
    Oh, so you make light of my altruistic intentions?!?!

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  2. #12 Don't do it !!!! 
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    [QUOTE=culcune;5017]Oh, so you make light of my altruistic intentions?!?!


    Don't do it Jean-Pierre !!!!!! I have been promised Tequilla and Hookers from the same generous Nutt-Job recently , and to no avail might I add .
    Culcune just needs more bikes sent over for free , to fund his Tequilla-Hooker runs down into Mexico from Yuma and back across the USA border at night .
    If you send him anything , please send him the BIBLE !!!!!

    From Proverbs , Snortins Book of Lies " Thow Shall Not Get Free Bikes From Friends Without Tequilla and Hookers for Said Friends in Return " ...

    Still waiting Culcune for my Tequilla and small breasted woman ???

    See if I ever send you another Colt Revolver !!!! NOT !!! Oh , and have you shot it yet ????? If not , your disgracing Samuel Colt , which is a SIN you Sinner ...

    Snortin Norton
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    See what happens when you don't make good on your dues for hookers and booze Culcune?

    Not sure how you'll ever get a free bike THAT way.

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