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  1. #1 G'day from the Philippines!? 
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    Butuan, Mindanao, Philippines
    G'day folks
    After many months looking at posts on this site I figured I'd join up for a couple of reasons - so I can look at "members only" stuff and to try to extract a bit of information that I haven't been able to find anywhere (though I have gone closest here!)
    I got myself a 'MOTORSTAR MSX 200 ii' on boxing day 2013 as a 50th birthday present for myself after a bit of research which suggested "bang for buck" this was the bike to have ("older" New XR200's are about double the price of this Zongshen bike - cost 65,000 php (Philippine Pesos) - or at the time was $1625 Aussie and American dollars.Matthew on Motorbike.jpg I've spent a fair bit since then on new wheels and tyres, exhaust and bits and pieces (including a generic Honda XRM 125 front brake master cylinder and lever as the original died at 650km and the Motorstar dealer has said it will take 6 weeks to get!). Matthew on Motorbike with new wheels.jpg wheels.jpgThis leads me to a question I hope some of you enthusiasts with more wisdom than me will be able to answer.
    I have worked out that motor is a CBB200 but I am unable to get any sort of information for it - like a Workshop Manual or similar - reason being I want to do all the maintenance etc myself as I don't trust the mechanics here - though I am sure there are plenty that know what they are doing - I just don't see where they are.
    If anyone knows how I can get some info for this motor or if they know what this motor is a copy of (I am figuring Honda from what I can gather) I will be very grateful.

    Cheers in advance

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  2. #2 Re: G'day from the Philippines!? 
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    Not really familiar with this bike but if it is based on a Honda it will be the pre 84 two valve version and probably has no major changes. Anyway you can buy a pdf manual at the site I posted. Good luck and nice job on the wheel mods.
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