Hi, does anyone know who's building for Jetmoto Canada? I called the dealer in St Albert AB, but he refused to tell me!
Their website is also pretty confused. eg

The caption says 250 cc dirt bike, the picture shows a 200gy.
the specs say 250cc engine in some places and 229cc in others??
I believe the 229cc engine is an '80s Suzuki design. The same one used in the Qingqi?

I also spoke to nice people at Konker in Langley BC, they are selling a kms200, a 200cc bike. But it seems to come with motard wheels/tires, as I am primarily interested in off-road...

To add to the confusion ad's in Alberta make reference to selling a 250cc Konker, yet Konker motors in Langley claims to be the Canadian Distributor and they don't have this bike. There is a lot of confusion out there!

These kinds of confused mixed messages are enough to drive someone straight into the nearest Honda shop.


Kancho o'nigi shimas